The Sunday Kind of Love Family Portrait Experience

Day-in-the-life Family Portrait Sessions

A day-in-the-life session is a glimpse, a photographic story of the adventures and interactions you share as a family. No need to worry about posing, just focus on being with each other and having a great time. My candid, documentary style of family photography has the plus side of capturing everyone's most natural expressions and smiles. I'll give some direction when needed but never to ask you to "say cheese". For example, if you're having a kids vs. parents board game showdown in a room that's too dark, I'll ask you to continue next to a brighter window where I can photograph the laughter and giggles in a gorgeous and flattering, natural light.

Each session typically lasts from 2-4 hours depending on the size of your family, your children's ages, activities you're doing and the location. This length of time allows your family, even the shy ones, to get used to me so it feels like we're just hanging out and the camera simply becomes part of the background. I'll take as long as it takes to document your family story and capture enough images for you to choose for your photography collection. There is no set time, no rush to finish.

The Fun is in the Planning

Once you’ve decided on a photography collection and reserved a date for your day-in-the-life session, the creative planning begins! You’ll receive an email with a short questionnaire that tells me more about you and your family. Have fun with it by getting your children and partner-in-crime to help answer questions like these:

  • What we love most about our home is __________
  • List all the members of your family and use three words to describe each member (don’t forget to include yourself!)
  • A perfect Saturday/Sunday morning is __________

You’ll also be invited to collaborate on a shared Pinterest Board. This inspiration board will be a collection of all things that make you smile: recipes you love, colours that make your heart sing, favourite family rituals or routines, memorable places you've been to – anything goes. The questionnaire and inspiration board help shape your unique family story so that the recommendations made for locations, outfits and activities are meaningful to you and reflect who you are as a family.

If you'd rather not be involved in the planning process this way, I have a set of pre-made inspiration boards with family activity suggestions and location ideas that you can choose from as well.

Once we decide on the final details together, we'll also confirm a time for your session.

After the session

You'll receive a link to a your own online gallery with beautifully edited images from your day together, 3 weeks after the session. These images are watermarked and perfectly sized for sharing with your friends and family by email, Twitter or Facebook which you can do directly from the gallery.

You'll be able to select a number of your favourite images which will be made available for download, depending on the photography collection you've invested in. These are high-resolution images, without the watermark, so that you can make prints in any size and any quantity you'd like. You'll also receive a complimentary set of these images that are pre-cropped and ready to share on Instagram.