Inspiration behind Sunday Kind of Love and everything I believe to be true.


Hello, I'm Vivian

This is me as a baby. My grandpa used to always tell me the story of how I peed on his back shortly after this photo was taken. Oops. 

Below is the 3 year old me with my parents. I didn't know how to swim but I loved the water so I'd hop on my dad's back to go exploring in the deep end. Random pool fact – I was a lifeguard and taught swimming for almost 7 years.

That very 80s plaid sofa and lazy pool days are long past but I'm lucky to have these photos around that take me back to those moments in time.  

I've been photographing families and weddings much longer than I've been a lifeguard and my work has been featured on websites like Grey Likes Baby and Style Me Pretty. I'm happiest at home, whether working, cooking up a delicious meal or adding to my ever growing collection of succulents. I'm inspired everyday by the love and joy I see in the families that I work with and feel lucky that I get to document that for them.

Sunday Kind of Love is the sum of all those experiences and everything else I've learned and been inspired by along the way.

Child playing in swimming pool with parents - Sunday Kind of Love

What I believe In

I believe that the most meaningful moments happen when you're reading your little ones a bedtime story, trying to get them not to splash around in the bathtub or making a terrific mess while cooking an epic Sunday breakfast with your favourite people. I will capture those real life moments for you, as they happen, so that you can have a beautiful collection of images to always remember that time when both your baby's feet could fit into the palm of your hands.

You and your family may not remember the time everyone had to dress formally, sit in awkward poses and say cheese at a photography studio, but they will remember the time they went apple picking, made their very own pie, and laughed so hard it hurt because the new puppy kept rolling on his back to get his belly rubbed while the rest of you were trying to keep a straight face. I believe that despite 40 hour work weeks, endless things to catch up on and an ever growing list of to-dos, it's important to make space for what matters and turn the time you have into memories. Learn more about the Sunday Kind of Love full family portrait experience.

I believe in the magic of the everyday, the subtle and not so subtle things in life, and all moments in between. I hope Sunday Kind of Love will inspire you to create more of that magic in your own lives. If you feel the same way, I would love to hear from you.