Mommy and Me Photos - What to Wear


Are you taking Mother's Day photos this year and in panic mode trying to figure out what to wear? First of all, good job on planning to get your photos taken, kids grow up way too fast not to capture photos of them at every single stage! Below are some outfit ideas and pairings that I've prepared with the help of a stylist and friend, Julia Salk (you can follow her adventures with her daughter on her Instagram account @juliasalk).

We tried to include a variety of options to choose from, both dressy and casual, with suggestions for both girls and boys as well as different age groups. Don't worry if you don't have anything that looks exactly like these laying around in your closets. The idea is that you can have fun mixing and matching different patterns and textures when planning out what to wear for yourself and your kids. And they don't all have to be the same colour! 

One tip when planning outfits for a cohesive look is to pick 2-3 complementary colours (this becomes your colour palette), then make sure at least one or two of those colours show up in everyone's outfits. It doesn't matter whether you mix patterns and solids or different fabrics, in fact, it looks better! By simply sticking to the colour palette, everything will fall nicely into place.

With the outfit guide below, each set (going across) includes two options for mommies but all the separate pieces will go with just about everything shown in the guide. The same goes for the shoe suggestions at the bottom. 

For those who are joining our Mother's Day Mini sessions on May 6, when we did our test shots, we found that going barefoot really went well with the cozy, dreamy feel of the set. If trying to find the perfect shoes to wear is stressing you out, don't even worry about wearing shoes! I'll be barefoot myself :)

If you are curious about where you can get your hands on any one of the outfits listed below, don't worry I've listed links to all of them below the guide. If you found this useful, please let me know in the comments below, I'd love to know what outfits you picked for your photos!