Christmas Mini-sessions in Markham


Hi everyone!

Want to get some super adorable holiday photos to send out with your Christmas cards this year? Better yet, get your own unique design with your favourite photo on the front? You'll want to read on. But first, 10 seconds of cuteness overload!

Every year I get at least a few messages asking about holiday mini-sessions. I'm excited to be offering on Dec. 3, for the first time ever–Christmas mini sessions for your little ones! 

What are mini-sessions & how are they different from regular family portrait sessions?

Mini-sessions are exactly what they sound like, a mini photo session! The main difference between a mini and a regular family session is the length of time and how many photos you'll end up with. Generally minis are limited to 15-30 minutes for a small number of images and centred around one theme or location. They are perfect if you need:

  • just a few updated pictures of your kid (they change so much at each stage!)
  • too busy to fit in a longer session
  • need last minute pictures for Christmas
  • or always wanted professionally taken photos but hoping to do a small trial version first

For the mini session set, I've planned a warm and rustic holiday theme with a 3.5' Christmas tree that kids can decorate, some old-looking wooden crates, a marquee style love sign, fir floral crowns and lots of twinkly lights because everyone loves twinkly lights! I'm doing these in my home studio in Markham, Ontario with a beautiful natural light background. Each session is 15 minutes long.

What's included in the 15 minutes?

During the session, I'll capture tons of shots of your baby or toddler by the tree, sitting on a wooden box, close-ups of their cute faces, and more. Did I mention dancing to Christmas jams and fake snow? If you have more than one little munchkin, there'll be poses of them hanging together as siblings too. After the session, you'll get to choose your 5 favourite images and you'll get a download link a week later of those favourites as high-resolution jpgs, good for both small size prints and large wall size prints. Remember those card designs you saw in the video up there? You'll get a personalized card design too. There's more but I'll let you read about it here.

Is a mini-session right for me?

Mini-sessions are not for everyone. If you want a portrait session with your whole family, I offer day-in-the-life family portrait sessions where we'll spend a few hours together and you'll get to do something fun as a family while I capture your special moments together. If you have a newborn, it takes a lot of time to get them set up just right, make sure they are comfortable and well fed in between shots, definitely not something that can happen in 15 minutes.

I'm in! How do I book a spot?

You can see the available times right on this page and instructions to reserve your spot. Or if you'd rather schedule with me directly, simply send me an email at

Check back on this blog to see photos from the session and behind-the-scenes as I plan for the big day. Finally, if you can't make it this year but want to hear about future events like this, make sure you sign up to receive my updates!